ToolPost’s VersaChuck Model T Woodturning Chuck: Perfect for the Smaller Lathe

Published: 05th August 2010
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For woodturners who work with smaller lathes, The ToolPost's VersaChuck Model T woodturning chuck is just the job. Available for only £51.02 (ex VAT) at, this chuck has become one of The ToolPost's best selling items, enabling the turning of bowls and platters on smaller lathes at a very affordable price.

Leading retailer of wood turning tools, equipment and accessories, The ToolPost equips enthusiasts of wood turning and woodcarving with the very best tools to complete all sorts of projects. When it comes to working with a smaller woodturning lathe, the VersaChuck Model T is an excellent choice affording good functionality at an economical price. Available with either a ¾" x16 or a 1"x8 tpi spindle mounting insert and supplied complete with two sets of workholding jaws, the Model T is an 80mm diameter four-jaw, self-centring, scroll woodturning chuck. Generally, the VersaChuck Model T is designed for use with lathes with a bowl turning capacity of up to 12" (300mm), although in expert hands, it may also be used to hold larger workpieces.

This woodturning chuck can be adapted to fit onto a variety of lathe spindles thanks to the mounting bush screwed into the rear of its body. The two sets of workholding jaws supplied with the Model T feature "gripper jaws" - serrated gripping surfaces which allow for an outstanding grip whether in compression or expansion mounting modes. An innovative feature of the Model T is the fact that it has four tommy bar holes (the chuck is operated by the use of two tommy bars which are inserted into holes in the chuck body and the operating ring) which ensures that the levers are never more than ninety degrees apart. This simple difference, which sets the VersaChuck Model T apart from its competitors, means that the turner can hold both tommy bars in one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold the workpiece.

It is this ease of use, as well as the fantastic price, that has made the Model T such a favourite amongst turners "in the know". The ToolPost named this nifty tool after Henry Ford's original Model T, with reference to the chuck's winning combination of practicality, versatility, a robust and reliable operation and overall great value (just like the classic car itself). To find out full product information on this popular wood turning chuck, as well as a host of other wood turning tools

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